The Americans were attempting to take a well-fortified hill from the Germans, but their attacks were stalled by intense machinegun fire.

The Germans, being masters of warfare, have not forgotten to protect their flank, as the Americans learn the hard way.

The Americans trade fire with the Germans.


However, with a firerate of 1,300 rounds per minute, the MG-42 overheats rapidly.

The machinegun overheats.

Private Novak sees an oppurtunity.


The grenade hits home.

With the machinegun gone, the Americans can advance unhindered.

"Enemy down! Advance!"

The Americans ignore the bodies of their enemies.

One German, a master of camouflage, opens fire from close range.

Another German in a foxhole opens fire--but reveals himself in the process.

Revealed, he is quickly killed–but he takes one with him.

And is subsequently turned into swiss cheese.

"Don't stop to stare! Keep going!"

At last at the entrance to the bunker, Captain Jones decides to make the Germans pay.

"Hold fire! We're gonna make them pay for the deaths of our men. Johnson, bring your flamethrower!"

Flamethrowers do not kill as quickly as a bullet–making them ideal for revenge.

"Alright, Johnson, whenever you're ready."


"Lighting up the grill! Die, kraut, die!"

The bunker explodes as the flames seek an escape route.

The bunker explodes into flame.

It is too late for anybody to escape the flames, no matter how hard they try.

Some Germans attempt to flee the intense heat--but fail.

But the Germans have a complex system of trenches behind the bunker…

But not all the Germans were in the bunker...

To be continued…

All models and photos are original works of the author.

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